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The quote below is randomly selected from our quote database. If you would like to receive this service to your own website then please Contact us. This is a FREE service provided that you do not alter the quote HTML in any way.
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from: 366 readings from Taoism and confucianism

Some people profess to live by high moral standards. Such people are constantly trying to make others conform to those standards - and sometimes use force to this end.
When we seek power, we lose the way. When we lose power we find the way. But beware of taking pride in finding the way, for fear that you will start claiming to live by high moral standards - and then lose the way again.
Obedience to moral laws is the husk of the truth; it is like a barren blossom that will not turn to fruit; it is ignorance appearing as goodness. People with great minds want the kernel, not the husk; they want the fruit, not the flower. They push moral laws aside, as rocks along the way. Top of page