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The quote below is randomly selected from our quote database. If you would like to receive this service to your own website then please Contact us. This is a FREE service provided that you do not alter the quote HTML in any way.
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from: Meetings with remarkable men by: G.I. Gurdjieff

It is a great pity that the present period of culture, which we call and which people of subsequent generations will of course also call the "European civilization", is, in the whole process of the perfecting of humanity, as it were, an empty and abortive interval. And this is because, in respect of the development of the mind, that chief impeller to self-perfection, the people of our civilization cannot transmit by inheritance anything of value to their descendants. For example, one of the chief means for developing the mind
of man is literature. But what has the literature of contemporary civilization to
give? Nothing whatever, except the development of, so to say, 'word prostitution'. Top of page