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from: The mustard seed by: Osho

Either you are after women and then sex continuously moves inthe mind, or you become against them and then too sex moves in the mind. If you are existing for sex, then sex will be the only thing in the mind, the smoke. If you are against it, an enemy, then again sex will be in the mind - because friends you remember, but enemies you remember more. Sometimes friends can be forgotten, but enemies never, they are always there; how can you forget your enemy? So people who go on moving in the world of sex are filled with sex. And go to the monasteries, look in the monasteries where there are people who have moved to the other extreme - they are continuously with sex, their whole mind has become sexual.

Eat too much, become obsessed with food as if your whole life exists to eat, then continuously there will be food in the mind. Then fast, then too continuously food will be in the mind. And if something is continuously on the mind, it becomes a burden. The woman is not the problem, the man is not the problem - sex continuously on the mind is the problem. Food is not a problem: you eat and it is finished; but food on the mind continuously then it is a problem. Top of page